Tuesday, April 06, 2004

i'm gonna name my new heavy metal band 'Albacore,' ayup!

krugman on the bush administration's latest handout to lobbyists, and how they're endangering lives (and not just nasty dirty WOMEN's lives (coz, ya know, they deserve it, sluts, all of 'em), yes, even CHILDREN'S lives!) with their mercury "regulation."

just a bit of the article...

The head of the E.P.A.'s Office of Air and Radiation, like most key environmental appointees in the Bush administration, previously made his living representing polluting industries (which, in case you haven't guessed, are huge Republican donors). On mercury, the administration didn't just take industry views into account, it literally let the polluters write the regulations: much of the language of the administration's proposal came directly from lobbyists' memos.

E.P.A. experts normally study regulations before they are issued, but they were bypassed. According to The Los Angeles Times: "E.P.A. staffers say they were told not to undertake the normal scientific and economic studies called for under a standing executive order. . . . E.P.A. veterans say they cannot recall another instance where the agency's technical experts were cut out of developing a major regulatory proposal."

Mercury is just a particularly vivid example of what's going on in environmental protection, and public policy in general. As a devastating article in Sunday's New York Times Magazine documented, the administration's rollback of the Clean Air Act has gone beyond the polluters' wildest dreams.

but go read the whole thing. guaranteed to piss you off. hell, even arianna huffington is PO'd about this very issue!

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