Thursday, April 01, 2004

Jimmy Breslin - This enemy worships death

If more attention would have been given to the fighting in Northern Ireland, it might have been noted that the Irish Republican Army, or Provos, or whatever the title they used, had three-man cells, one not knowing what the other was doing, and the operation had its most success with perhaps 75 members. Mitchell McLaughlin, who was the third in charge, said that "Twelve people can hold down Northern Ireland."

They fought on beliefs. The desire for a country of their own was at the bottom of it, but the British troops, who could not win, were not fighting against a country. They were in with the worst enemies, religion and ideology.

George Bush, who more and more appears incapable of enough thought to lead this nation, talks about Operation Iraqi Freedom and how we have placed on the field the greatest army known to man. He and those around him seem oblivious to guerrillas. What is Iraqi freedom to them? They are Islamic and they want us slaughtered wherever we are. The American answer is weapons, Bush says. The generals acquire in delight. They cannot wait to spend more billions on tanks and bombers that are useless.

And except for yesterday's news, the deaths in Iraq have gone on, day by day, virtually unnoticed in the reporting of the day's news in newspapers and on television. The names of the five soldiers and four civilian security guards were unavailable as this was being written.

next listed, the names of some recently reported Americans killed overseas. and a pledge to keep the list faithfully.

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