Wednesday, April 21, 2004

marching for our lives

here we are, a few days before the April 25th March for Women's Lives, a "public demonstration of historic size in support of reproductive freedom and justice for all women." and it's about time. i surely wish i could be there, but as it is, i'm settling for making cash donations to Women's Health and Family Planning Association of Texas and Texas Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League and proudly wearing my Don't Mess With Texas Women" t-shirt (which can be seen and also purchased here at the Planned Parenthood of Austin site) all day on sunday while doing all sorts of crazily feminist things.

'course, at the same time, in the midst of all this glorious woman-power, it's important to realize how incredibly shaky our constitutional right to an abortion and even our access to things as incredibly "duh" as birth control are becoming in recent times. them right-wingers have been a-workin' at chipping away ANY sort of reproductive freedoms that we've got. Salon magazine goes into this with a frankly frightening report on just how far reproductive rights already HAVE been eroded, and what's lurking in the wings, just waiting for the right time to pounce on an unsuspecting American public.

dammit, part of the problem is the extreme apathy of most of the American public! they've been suckered into believing the pitches thrown by the right-wing extremists! it's time to get out there and let as many people as you can know exactly what threats we're facing, and what they can do about it. those who have ears; let them hear. those that gots eyes, let them see. give 'em something to KNOW, and let them know it.

okay, preaching over. just please think about contributing or volunteering or hell, just wearing a "don't mess with texas women" tee-shirt one of these days. anything to give the mindless majority just a bit more information than they'd otherwise get from their video games, mall-shopping, and friends-watching*.

*not that there's anything wrong with any of those three activities. just that noone's gonna larn nothin' about nothin' real from any of those outlets, unfortunately.

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