Thursday, April 08, 2004

oh goody, more good news...

just some summaries and links, this time. i'm too tired of it to make anyone read anything (if anyone reads this thing in the first place!).

the dark road ahead, are we headed towards an utter quagmire in iraq? signs say "yes."

a doom-and-gloom look at what a second bush term in office would mean for our country and our world. WARNING: do not read unless you're ready to get either fairly depressed or fairly pissed-off.

and lastly, at least someone thinks that the situation we've gotten ourselves into is more aptly compared to british imperial colonialism at the turn of the 20th century than to vietnam. or maybe not.

(yeesh, it would appear that iraq is all i'm thinking about lately. gah. maybe that's true. i'm quite worried about that, the upcoming elections, the future of this country, all sorts of things. maybe it's time for a vacation from all this unwanted unsettling thought i'm having.

good thing i'm learnin' to play the mandolin in my spare time. if nothin' else, i can write some kickass folky protest songs and perform them on the pack porch in a blind rage. aw yeah....)

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