Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Opinions Vary on Bush News Conference.

you can say that again...just check out the blogs! i'm too lazy to link right now, actually, i just spent the morning READING the blogs, and i'm tired of the whole subject. just don't forget to look at juan cole, pandagon, david sirota, that colored fellas weblog, and all the other good ones (eschaton, a violently excecuted plan, andante, etc.) that i've got linked there to the right (plus, added the four listed above! they're good readin').

in other news, check this out. crazy!

and last but not least, they're getting ever-closer to developing workable brain implants that will allow us to operate our computers by thought alone! if that ain't progress, i dunno what is.

"Can a machine read a person's mind? A medical device company is about to find out.

The company, Cyberkinetics Inc., plans to implant a tiny chip in the brains of five paralyzed people in an effort to enable them to operate a computer by thought alone.

The Food and Drug Administration has given approval for a clinical trial of the implants, according to the company.

The implants, part of what Cyberkinetics calls its BrainGate system, could eventually help people with spinal cord injuries, strokes, Lou Gehrig's disease or other ailments to communicate better or even to operate lights and other devices through a kind of neural remote control.


for the NYTimes link, use either salon/tabletalk as login/password, or you can cut-and-paste the link into www.bugmenot.com (use them for all registration-requiring sites).

(dog video from toothpaste for dinner.)

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