Monday, April 19, 2004

Wired News | White House Reviews Iraq Funds


...Woodward said Bush funded the war preparations with $700 million that was earmarked for Afghanistan and old appropriations...[white house spokesman Scott] McClellan said the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Pentagon were "reviewing this," but added, "At this time we are confident that Congress was kept fully informed of all expenditures."

"We're gathering all those facts," McClellan said. "In emergency spending, there is broad discretion in how those funds could be used in the war on terrorism. Iraq is a part of the war on terrorism."

Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, top Democrat on the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee that oversees spending, said Bush owed Congress "a full, detailed and immediate accounting."

If the book is accurate, Obey said it was "ironic that the president was surreptitiously authorizing expenditures to begin a plan for war" while resisting efforts in Congress to boost spending for homeland security."...

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