Monday, April 19, 2004

worse than watergate?

a summary of bob woodwards' appearance on 60 minutes the other night and the explosive revelations that were exposed...

among the explosions:

*In violation of the U.S. Constitution, the Administration transferred without the knowledge of the Congress some $700 million from other accounts to fight the war in Iraq. The Congress legally is required to authorize any such transfers and the White House did not inform either legislative branch.

*Months before the war began, the senior military commander for the Iraq operation, General Tommy Frank, carried out secret plans for the invasion of Iraq. Yet, when questioned by the press, Franks blatantly lied when he claimed he had not been told of any plans for such a war.

*In violation of the law that proscribed foreigners from viewing a secret map of military operations, Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld summoned the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar, to the White House. They showed him details, including the classifield map, about the impending conflict that had not yet been shared with Powell. When Bandar insisted on hearing the plan from the lips of President Bush, he was summoned to the Oval Office two days later and was told by him, in reference to Cheney and Rumsfeld, “their word is my word.”

*Bandar then allegedly promised that Saudi Arabia would increase the production of oil substantially so that its price at the pump would drop dramatically before the November election, thereby working to favor President Bush’s re-election. Bandar and the Bush family have had a strong personal relationship of long duration.

um, hello? the PRESIDENT betraying state secrets to the ambassador to a foreign country, a foreign country known for harboring, aiding, even supporting, terrorists? THE foreign country from whom the majority of the 9/11 terrorists hailed?


this is big, and bad. very bad. what was i saying earlier about "just when you think it can't get any worse..."? yeah.


(edit: okay, i googled, and a few folks are looking at this: david corn in the nation.com's weblog,, reuters' reporting on scott mclellan's denial of the constitution-violating misappropriation of the $700 million earmarked for afghanistan, and a few asides on the New York Times website. maybe there are more, but that's all i could find. no major articles. bloggers, of course, are buzzing. maybe by tomorrow morning's news, or perhaps the evening news...)

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