Monday, May 31, 2004

and a good memorial day to you...

'Easy Company' Veteran to Accompany Kerry to WWII Memorial Opening

"Saturday May 29, Joseph Lesniewski, one of the original ‘Band of Brothers’ from the ‘Easy Company’ of the 101st Airborne Division will join presidential candidate John Kerry at the official opening of the WWII memorial.  A member of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ like Kerry’s own father, Lesniewski served the United States in WWII. 

Lesniewski, a decorated war hero, is one of the 18 living paratroopers from original 147 members of Easy Company.  He was trained by the Office of Strategic Studies (OSS) and was part of the heroic and immortalized 506th Regiment depicted in the Stephen Ambrose novel Band of Brothers.  Lesniewski “jumped” into enemy territory on D-Day during the invasion of Normandy, earning numerous medals including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

Speaking about his own generation of soldiers Lesniewski said, “We [World War II veterans] are more patriotic than anybody ever was.  I was in combat for 235 days- you don’t have to tell me about patriotism.  I believe George Bush is messing things up with this war, the economy and with America’s veterans.”

Kerry and Lesniewski, both combat veterans, met for the first time in May at an airport landing in Erie, PA.  In Pennsylvania and across the country, Veterans for Kerry are working to turn out veterans to vote for John Kerry.  “We have a lot of people here in Pennsylvania that feel the same way as me.  We are working day and night to get John Kerry elected because he is the only candidate with a plan to address the concerns of America’s military families and veterans.” 


Veterans across the country, disappointed with George Bush’s broken promises to take care of America’s military families, are organizing for John Kerry in unprecedented numbers.  They are conducting vet-to-vet phone banks, veteran visibilities and internet operations in forty-five states across the country on behalf of John Kerry for President."

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