Wednesday, May 19, 2004

hey, this is pretty cool...

where are we getting stiffed on gas prices in austin? you can find out at this website: Austin Gas Prices - Helping Austin, Texas and area residents find low gasoline prices. if you're not in austin, nor texas, but still in the US, you can find gas prices for your area by starting at gasbuddy.com, btw.

(we don't have it as bad as SOME parts of the country yet, looks like prices today range from $1.77 at Sam's Club and Costco all the way up to $1.95 at the Shell @ Howard and 35! yeesh. hopefully, noone'll want to inch over that $2.00 mark anytime soon...)

sweet. now we'll know where to go for the best prices! this'll tide us over until our good president calls up OPEC and jawbones 'em into increasing production so that prices can get back to normal, like he promised he would. oughta happen any second now, i mean, he PROMISED.


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