Tuesday, May 25, 2004

yesterday at his press conference, Our Dear President unveiled his 5-point plan for finishing up the Iraq Fiasco...unfortunately, i've been unable to quickly find a news source that actually details what those five points may be. they probably come down to 1. make sure we get as much oil outta the country as we can, 2. hand over the keys to saddam's old Republican Palace on our way out, 3. make sure the oil infrastructure is safe, 4. kill a few more insurgents, and 5. get as much oil outta the country as we can before we leave.

sound about right?

at any rate, retired General Anthony Zinni's outlined our major mistakes in Iraq. he's also got ideas for getting out of there that preserve the integrity and honor of both the US and the Iraqis, ideas that might just work. if anyone listens to him.

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