Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Because I Said So!

mark morford on what has become the Bush administration's only line of reasoning left to them.

best bit:

"...But the amazing thing about BushCo's line is how quickly it can turn from a cheap escape route into a sort of desperate prayer, a final gasp of hope that their regime's insidious policies will somehow see them through into a second term, despite the enormous wake of destruction and bile. We'll win because we said so! We'll be admired by those who now scorn us because we said so! We'll cling to our power like desperate monkeys on meth because we have no other choice!

At which point America will stomp into the room and check the clock and realize, oh my God, little Dubya has been up way, way past his bedtime, and has clearly become far too whiny and bitchy and destructive and needs to be put to bed, pronto. Why? Simple: Because we, the Bush-sickened voters, will finally say so. "

and, as an aside, the second-best bit: "(BushCo Fun Comparison: 1) Budget allotted the 9/11 commission to investigate one of the most horrific atrocities in American history: $15 million. 2) Budget allotted Ken Starr and his flying monkeys during the GOP's appallingly nasty effort to crucify Bill Clinton because he had mediocre oral sex in the Oval Office: $70 million. Just, you know, FYI.)"

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