Tuesday, June 01, 2004

common sense prevails...

Federal judge says partial-birth abortion ban unconstitutional

A federal judge Tuesday declared the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional, saying the measure infringes on a woman's right to choose.

The ruling applies to the nation's 900 or so Planned Parenthood clinics and their doctors, who perform roughly half of all abortions in the United States.

U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton's ruling came in one of three lawsuits challenging the legislation President Bush signed last year.

"The act poses an undue burden on a woman's right to choose an abortion," she wrote.

not to mention an undue burden on a woman's right to live, a woman's right to be able to carry more pregnancies to term, and so forth. this isn't some spur-of-the-moment abortion procedure. this is a life-or-death choice that some women are, unfortunately, forced to make the choice about. dammit.

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