Friday, June 11, 2004

diversions from the reagan love-fest currently dominating all media in the US of A:

kevin drum on the Abu Ghraib scandal about to break wide open?

Krugman (in the NYT) on the truth about Reaganomics: " It's a measure of how desperate the faithful are to believe in the Reagan legend that one often reads conservative commentators claiming that the Clinton-era miracle was the result of Mr. Reagan's policies, and indeed vindicated them. Think about it: Mr. Reagan passed his big tax cut right at the beginning of his presidency, and mainly raised taxes thereafter. So we're supposed to believe that a tax cut passed in 1981 was somehow responsible for an economic miracle that didn't materialize until around 1997. Apply the same timing to the good things that happened on Mr. Reagan's watch, and you'll discover that Lyndon Johnson deserves the credit for "Morning in America."

So here's my plea: let's honor Mr. Reagan for his real achievements, not dishonor him — and mislead the nation — with false claims about his economic record.  "

and last, but not least, a quiz totally stolen from adam,

Mean lil fellow, arn't you?

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