Sunday, June 27, 2004

green justice?

Green Party Refuses to Back Nader for President

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Reuters) - The Green Party on Saturday refused to back Ralph Nader in his independent run for the White House, a move that could reduce his chances of being a factor in this year's election.

Delegates to the half-million-member party's presidential convention voted to nominate party activist David Cobb, a California lawyer who led the delegate count going into the meeting.

On the second round of voting, Cobb captured 408 delegates, more than the 385 needed to gain the nomination.

"What you have here before you are working class people who have demonstrated that it is possible to build a political party on principles and values -- without corporate money and without selling out," he told a lively crowd after he won the nomination.

"Ralph Nader has had more influence on my life than anyone who is not a direct relative. I am a lawyer because of Ralph Nader. Without Ralph Nader, this nomination wouldn't have happened," Cobb added.

Nader had not sought the party's nomination but said he would have accepted either that or an endorsement as a possible route to getting on the ballot in 22 states and the District of Columbia. The party earned those ballot positions as a result of its showing in 2000 when Nader headed its ticket.

good. maybe some of those starry-eyed green party activists won't fall for the Nader BS this time 'round (like i did last time).

did ya know that various GOP groups are working furiously to get his name on the ballot in many states? and that he doesn't seem to mind in the least?

are you aware of nader's absolute hatred of the democratic party, and that he's sworn to take 'em down any way he can?

as adam says so eloquently so many times, IF YOU VOTE FOR NADER, YOU MIGHT AS WELL VOTE FOR BUSH.

reuters link from andante

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