Wednesday, June 16, 2004

holy shit.

as the independent commission investigating the september 11th attacks nears completion of its final report (due July 26th), scarier and scarier details about the 911 attacks come out:

"According to the staff report, Mohammed initially proposed hitting CIA and FBI headquarters, unidentified nuclear plants and tall buildings in California and Washington state, in addition to the World Trade Center, Pentagon and White House or Capitol.

Mohammed, who is in U.S. custody at an undisclosed overseas location, told interrogators that rather than crashing his hijacked plane into a target, he wanted to land and make a political statement. Mohammed proposed killing every male passenger aboard, landing at a U.S. airport and making a "speech denouncing U.S. policies in the Middle East before releasing all the women and children."

That plan was rejected by Osama bin Laden, who ultimately approved a scaled-back mission involving four planes. Training for it began in 1999.

The report said Mohammed wanted more hijackers — up to 26, instead of the 19 who actually participated. The commission also identified at least 10 al Qaeda operatives who were to participate but could not take part for various reasons including visa problems and suspicion by officials at airports in the United States and overseas."

and re: whether or not our dear mr. saddam had links to al qaeda, as the president and VP are so fond of claiming day in and day out:

"In recent days, administration officials have reiterated their claims of a link. Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday at a reception in Florida that Saddam "had long established ties with al Qaeda."

But the Sept. 11 panel said that while a senior Iraqi intelligence official reportedly met with bin Laden in 1994 in Sudan, and bin Laden asked to set up training camps in and for help with weapons, "Iraq apparently never responded." "

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