Monday, June 28, 2004

premature relegation?

US hands over sovereignty in Iraq

"At a low-key ceremony in Baghdad, US administrator Paul Bremer gave legal documents to an Iraqi judge. He later left the country by plane.

Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who also took part in the ceremony in the heavily-guarded Green Zone, said it was "a historic day".

Hours later, Mr Allawi was officially sworn in along with the other members of his government.

After formally taking office, he said the transfer of power was a "massive victory" for the forces of good in Iraq. "


"The BBC's political editor Andrew Marr in Istanbul says the early transfer of power was originally due to be announced in Baghdad - and that Mr Zebari visibly startled Mr Blair by publicly revealing the plan.

Another BBC correspondent in Istanbul, Jonny Dymond, says it appears that the date was brought forward to pre-empt further attacks by militants to coincide with the handover.

He says recent violence in Iraq in the run-up to the transfer of power has forced the hand of the authorities. "

go iraq! now, good luck with that.

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