Tuesday, July 27, 2004

anti-liberal bias

salon analyzes the coverage and analysis of the democratic convention's first night.

"...This "will Clinton overshadow?" angle (a repeat of a popular trope from the 2000 convention), along with the news clip showing Sen. John Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz Kerry telling a reporter to "shove it," set the groundwork for a day of coverage that often bristled with low-grade press animosity towards Kerry.

Naturally, convention coverage is going to be stacked with partisan rhetoric, as the pundits fill air time with talk and more talk. And it's only natural for Kerry's critics to be given a chance to air their side during the Democrats' party in Boston. But it was strange, during Monday's first, news-free day of convention coverage, how often television anchors and reporters effortlessly adapted the Republican talking points about the Kerry campaign and supposed divisions within the Democratic Party. While not openly contemptuous of Kerry, the way so much of the press was of vice president Al Gore in 2000, TV's talking heads had a habit on Monday of spinning things in a slightly negative light. ..."

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