Friday, October 29, 2004

here we go, yes, i'm a Good Citizen of the United States of America.

i was just in line for TWO HOURS to vote in northern travis county...but damn, it felt good. was standing in line with the *nicest* proud-wife-of-a-promise-keeper republican woman. we had a pretty cool conversation, actually, bemoaning the closeness of the last presidential race that had FLA scrambling for a president for weeks after the election, both of us hoping that woudln't happen again. she talked a little bit about how unhappy about the 'gay agenda' she is, and how that's one reason she woudln't no-way, no-how, vote for kerry. which was kinda odd, considering she was white and her husband black, and if the masses had had their way way-back-when, she wouldn't ever have gotten to marry the ultra-friendly fella. but ya know. i didn't preach.

i didn't vote a straight ticket, so i didn't run into any of the problems that other democratic voters seem to be having (user error or otherwise). only three offices had only republicans to choose from. these spaces were intentionally left blank.

ooooh, also, the mother of one of the local candidates (not my precinct, so i forget the name) was there canvassing in a very friendly manner...but she still managed to draw a posse of the travis county sheriff's department to keep an eye on things. i don't think i've EVER seen so many cops in one grocery store parking lot.

all in all, a good two hours, despite the high heels. nice to see the hordes excercising their civil liberties.

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