Tuesday, October 26, 2004

vote-pairing: it's the new black

the slate article: The Return of Vote-Pairing - Vote-pairing nearly saved Al Gore in 2000. Could it give Kerry a decisive boost this year?"

especially here in texas, a kerry vote ain't gonna mean squat. a 3rd-party vote, on the other hand, could actually add to the numbers enough to get that party officially on the ballot next time. so why not trade your kerry vote with someone in a swing state who could actually place your vote in a location that actually matters!? and cast their 3rd-party vote for them here, where bush is going to win overwhelmingly anyway?

ayup. not the worst idea ever. in fact, if it comes down to just 537 votes in podunk, FLA again, hell. maybe that'll be just enough to get the punk outta office.

Pair the Vote website. just do it.

not the worst idea ever, nope.

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