Wednesday, December 15, 2004

from Elizabeth McQueen:

Austin’s Elizabeth McQueen and The Firebrands get “Happy” on New CD

Austin, TX—The American Bands Doing English Music Are Coming!! The American Bands Doing English Music Are Coming!! Well maybe only one is. Elizabeth McQueen, Austin’s Roots Music Darling, and her band The Firebrands have completed their new tribute to the music of England’s pre-punk/pre-new wave roots music scene known as “pub rock.” Paying homage to such great acts as Graham Parker, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Squeeze and many others, this new CD titled “Happy Doing What We’re Doing” fizzles and pops with upbeat tunes culled from these English greats. Named after a Brinsley Schwarz song, the CD starts off with infectious pop courtesy of the pen of Ducks Deluxe and never lets up until the final strains of Dr. Feelgood’s “That’s It I Quit” have died away. Street cred (or is that pub cred?) is even provided in the person of Austin de Lone—original member of Eggs Over Easy, the original pub rock band—who guests on the CD.

McQueen’s musical quest for pub rock fame began with 2003’s “The Fresh-Up Club” released on Gravitron Records. She was soon after spotted playing her own brand of contagiously happy roots rock at venues coast to coast as well as in Europe.

This sophomore release from McQueen and company is scheduled for a February 22, 2005 on Freedom Records, the eclectic indie that brought the world debut CDs by The Derailers, Jon Dee Graham and Beaver Nelson. Distribution will be handled by City Hall Distribution and Texas Music Round-Up.

Look for regional and national dates to follow. Or just check down at the local pub!

To request an advance copy of the CD or just to chat about the good old days when music was music, contact David Sanger at 512-480-0765/ email info@lazysob.com or Elizabeth McQueen at 512 971-5767/ email elizmcqueen@yahoo.com. And check www.elizabethmcqueen.com for more info on Elizabeth and the band.

I'm tellin' ya, she rocks. an' she's playin' my wedding! so go check her out!

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