Friday, December 31, 2004

last 20 search engine queries that led people to this blog:

pravda eulogy for america  
singing hippo videos  
julie beth wood 3000  
Singing Hippo  
wrong bananas tabs  
mediocre generica tabs  
Ralph Nader Christopher Hitchens  
stuffed camel patterns  
ephemera - on the surface lyrics  
viking kitten  
chicken shit bingo  
cool 2004 tax loopholes forum  
tomasita's green chili  
More Ephemera  
ill marriage laws  
'guy forsyth'  
carols casting couch  
hippo girl  "

"mediocre generica tabs"??? "i want to find some crappy music so that i can play it for myself!"


now, "cool 2004 tax loopholes forum" or "tomasita's green chili," i can get behind.

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