Tuesday, December 14, 2004

official notice:

the casting couch will be performing two shows this week, and you should come see and hear one or both of said shows...

Wednesday, Dec. 15th at Room 710 - 9:30 - A musical extravaganza - playing along with fluffers union, cue, and band X (no, that is not the name of the fourth band. no, i have not done adequate research)

Friday, Dec. 17th at Hole in the Wall (10:30) - the casting couch and fluffers union. that's right, kids, It's Euphemistic Band Name Night at the hole! a fun time will be had by all.

Come join us and see what new goodies we have for you. Perhaps some Christmas carols have been arranged! Perhaps at least one has! Perhaps it is still in the process of being arranged! Surprises are in store for all who seek them! Ho ho ho! Etc.

OH! Don't forget to check out our super-mega-new-and-improved website if you have not done so already! it's www.onthecastingcouch.com

see you soon,
the casting couch

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