Saturday, January 29, 2005

buy buy buy!


go to amazon.com

click on 'search music' (right under the 'welcome' tab in my amazon, anyway)

put 'phantom' into the label field

hit 'search,'

then when you get a page of results sort by lowest price to highest.

there's about a billion 99-cent cds in there, by all kinds of artists!  and if you can find 25 99 cent cds, you won't have to pay shipping!  25 discs for 25 dollars!  it takes patience, though, coz a lot of the stuff is crap, or live albums, or EPs, or singles, that sorta thing.  but i got me some good stuff, yes i did.

you can also skip through by finding the bit of the URL that says 'page=X', where X is what page you're on, and skipping around.  i suspect that everything in the first few tens of pages will be sold out by the time you read this in the morning or whenever.  skip around!  there's tons of stuff!

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