Friday, January 14, 2005

so i'm listening to the casting couch - "did you know," which lynn happily put online. also from that hole in the wall show. sweet. it's the one with the handbells! AND glockenspiel! AND harmonium!

both bands i'm in have a song called "did you know." radically different songs. weird.

speaking of, tonight is the big night! anything but prettier will be playing at 9PM, at Bigsby's (just across from the vibe on 6th street), our first show in TWO months! come see us! the show is free, and we'll be featuring songs from our new 6-song EP, as well as offering copies for sale! only $3!!! or, free with t-shirt purchase!

should be a good show. we've been recording and practicing like crazy lately, just ask dutcher, who is starting to remember me only as "that bass player girl who sleeps here..."

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