Friday, February 25, 2005

Dear friends,

There are two special upcoming events of which you should be made aware.

The first: The Casting Couch will be playing at Emos on Sunday, February 27th at 10:45 with Knife in the Water, Stories From the Frontier and Purchase NY. I have heard tell that Songs From the Frontier, who will go on at 10, are not to be missed.

The second: we will be on KUT's Eklektikos with the infamous John Aielli on Monday, February 28th at high noon. For those of you confined to what some refer to as "jobs," you can listen online at KUT.org while enjoying the creature comforts of your cubicles or tractors or white rooms with padded walls... Otherwise, as a tribute to Marconi himself, tune in to 90.5 fm Austin, TX to hear us float through the airwaves by means of some sort of powerful transmitter sending out invisible waves that are somehow received through your tuner and turned back into sound, or something like that.

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