Monday, February 07, 2005

interesting Women In Indiepop article...it doesn't say a whole lot other than moaning about the lack thereof. what about feist, i ask? what about whassername from superchunk? jack white's other stripe? i guess it's telling that i can't even remember their names, and they're certainly not frontwomen. if someone can think of an obvious somegirl that i've just not thought of, leave a comment. i don't want the article to be right (well, they're not 100% right. there's me (no, not exactly a superstar), in an indiepop band with TWO women in't, one of them the singer/songwriter...and i know at least one other female-fronted austin indie band personally. but really, we haven't broken out of the ranks of "the so indie that we don't even HAVE a record label..." heh.).

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