Tuesday, February 01, 2005


okay, my use of the term "proto-fascism" isn't entirely accurate and in fact, is rather fear-mongering.

but still. i've been mongered into fear by this pair of articles investigating and picking apart the sources, beginnings and roots of fascism through history, and comparison of that to the political climate in the US today.

original article: http://www.zompist.com/fascism.html

which will refer you to the real meat of the matter. warning: VERY long, thorough article with well-documented and linked sources and quotations. this takes a while to get through. i haven't even gotten half-way yet. okay, so i've only gotten through part VI, but this article is what's really got me scared and thinking. for one thing, it discusses the very mutability of proto-fascism as being one of its strengths, and how, as a result, the very aspects of our society that indicate the potential for a rise in fascist thought becoming mainstream actually seem to be ANTI-fascist (in the classical sense). the comparison of proto-fascism through history to a mutagen is particularly apt, i feel.

not to mention scary as shit.

go read the articles, especially if, as i suspect, my own introduction above makes little to no sense.

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