Thursday, March 10, 2005

SXSEast Austin lineup! everyone's favorite Cherrywood neighborhood SXSW daytime party has its own website and everything! here's the lineup:

Thursday, March 17, 2005:

1:00 Ethan Azarian & Friends Austin, TX
2:00 The Gourds Austin, TX
3:00 John Roderick Seattle, WA
4:00 The Amazing Letdowns Austin, TX
5:00 Apostle of Hustle Toronto, ON
6:00 What Made Milwaukee Famous Austin, TX

unfortunately, i'll miss ethan azarian and the gourds, since the casting couch is playing at 2PM at the Eastside Scootenanny at Red's Scoot Inn, but at least we'll also be over on the eastside!

Eastside Scootenanny schedule:

2.00 The Casting Couch
2.50 Hitch
3.40 Dr. Pepper Family
4.30 Zykos
5.20 Jeff Klein
6.10 Chris Simpson (of Gloria Record)
7.00 1986
7.50 Bobby Bare Jr.

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