Friday, March 04, 2005

there's a hole in friday. the casting couch is involved.

Pardon the less-than-terribly-creative subject-pun, but alas, the fact is:

The Casting Couch will be playing at midnight this Friday at the Hole in the Wall.

Now there are variety of things that one can and should do with a hole in a wall, in a general sense, and if one were the type to speculate on such matters, one might make a list of said things that one thought of when one was speculating, especially if one had just awoken from an unexpected three-hour nap. Given such circumstances, I will now begin my soon to be either infamous or completely not worth reading list, depending on exactly how much effort I can muster in the next two and a half minutes:

1. One should patch the hole, especially if one is a rental tenant and is in need of one's full deposit when moving out.
2. If one is lonely, one should speak to it. Tell it that it is a nice hole in a wall, even if you are not terribly pleased by its aesthetics. This is the polite thing to do.
3. Plant plants in the hole and talk to them, especially f you are
lonely and interested in horticulture.
4. Fill the hole with marshmallows, preferably multi-colored ones.
This will presumably attract many ants. Once this has been achieved, cover the hole with a sheet of plexi-glass and enjoy your new built-in ant farm. This works especially well with extremely large holes or if you are living in a zoo, in a literal sense, and not so well with insects such as termites or other wood-eating varieties.
5. Put a piece of paper in the hole and wait for someone to find it. Either write a secret message on the piece of paper, or leave it blank to arouse wonder and imaginative thinking.

Okay, that was not a terribly productive two and a half minutes;
however, the meat of this email (pardon me, non-carnivores) remains:

Hole in the Wall.
Ethan Azarian: 10 p.m.
Darling New Neighbors: 11 p.m.
The Casting Couch: 12 p.m...

and unofficial rumor has it that you just might be able to purchase a copy of our new EP.

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