Thursday, April 14, 2005

been a long time...

Well here we are, back for another show on the world famous 6th street in glorious Austin, Texas. Last time down we rubbed elbows with MTV's The Real World, told them they sucked, blew the power in the Dizzy Rooster twice, debuted our brand new bumper sticker and just generally had a big time.
But this Friday, we have something even MORE special to be excited about.
This show will mark the One Year Anniversary of the band. We are so proud! What with Josh's rehab stint, Mark's incarceration, Julie's two messy divorces and Danny's ongoing paternity suits, it has been a challenging time. PLEASE COME CELEBRATE WITH US!

Anything But Prettier - Live Anniversary Show!
Friday, April 15 @ 9:00pm - (party to follow immediately afterward)
Bigsby's - (505 E. 6th St.)

We really do appreciate what everyone has done to love on us and support us over the last year. Thank you very much!


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