Tuesday, April 26, 2005

...and the casting couch's 5 songs ep gets 7 of 10 stars from Americana UK Reviews...

The Casting couch consists of former residents of Athens GA, Wendy Mitchell, lyric writer and vocals, and Lynn Boland horns, piano and accordion (a member of various Elephant 6 projects), who shipped out to Austin TX hooked up three more members to cover drums, guitars etc.. What comes out of it is a dishevelled loose alt country bunch of songs that is not without charm, a rougher more home made version of current critic favourites Rilo Kiley. Imagine a few songs along the lines of Wilco’s “Passenger Side” played, all acoustic, in the back of a smoky bar, with a female vocal. Nothing causes any instant impact of note, yet it all drifts by very comfortably, and when it ends it really seems a shame there’s only 5 songs. “Copper Girl” in particular has a “play me again” appeal. A full-length record is something to look forward to.

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