Thursday, April 21, 2005

chris at literate perversions takes on response to the gay law student taking on scalia with a return question about scalia's own sexual practices with his wife. aw yeah! you go, power of logic!

pink dome's got a good summary of the most hateful, bigoted, asinine legislation to come out of our good state lege in a long time, barring gays and lesbians from becoming foster parents. not only that, the amendment to the Child Protective Services revamping bill would basically force CPS to become some sort of Secret Gay Police, rousting all those upstart homersecksuals, and effectively marking and tagging them to keep the children safe! it's all about the children, dammit! (coz, you know, there are so many hetero parents just clamoring to be foster parents that we don't have enough kids to go around)

if you're free tomorrow, and you have a stake in the matter (we all have a stake in this matter), or even if you just care passionately about civil rights for everyone in this country, even if some other people get squicked by the sight of two men or two women holding hands and expressing an iota of love for each other, standout is organizing a rally and protest tomorrow at the capitol tomorrow, April 22, 2005:

Rally For Your Rights Friday

In light of recent attacks on the LGBT community by the Texas legislature in the form of SB 6, an anti-gay foster care bill. It would seek to further solidify the place of the LGBT community’s members as second class citizens. StandOut of the University of Texas at Austin is organizing a Rally and Protest at the Texas Capitol, this Friday April 22nd.

What: Save Texas Families Rally and Protest
Where: In front of the Capitol Gates, 11th and Congress
When: Friday, April 22nd –
12:00 pm Gather and make posters,
12:30 pm Rally begins,
2:30 pm Rally ends.

StandOut has organized this Protest and Rally in reaction to SB 6 which seeks to reform the Texas Child Protective Services Agency. Rep. Robert Talton’s amendment to this bill though would do, among other things:

* Prevent Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people from fostering children in the state of Texas
* Take the foster children away from all 43,000 Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people already fostering children
* Remove these children from loving, stable families and place them back into the already overburdened Foster Care system
* Emotionally destroy these Texas families
* Allows the new CPS Agency to conduct “investigations” into suspect foster parents not already officially identified as Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual
* Will cost the state of Texas an additional $8 million dollars every year

We will not tolerate this kind of discrimination. We will stand together. We will fight. We will make ourselves heard.

(from burnt orange report)

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