Wednesday, April 20, 2005

come tiptoe through the tulips...with me...

aw yeah, after seeing buttercup (listen!) last weekend and then perusing ukulelia.com for a while, i up and procured myself a cheap-ass baritone ukulele!

sweet! it's tuned D-G-B-E, just like the high four strings on a guitar. which means i already (vaguely) know how to play it! re-stringing it is what's gonna be a pain in the neck...the strings are just somehow wound around the bridge, securing them at that end. i may have to get help to ever change those strings. we'll see.

(this is WAY smaller than life-size...)

also, because i just had to have one, i got a mini-harmonica (only four reeds or whatever/eight notes!):

(this photo is WAYYYY bigger than life-size! weird!)

i'm a regular one-girl band, i am!

also in the mail came a third package, from a long-lost, feared lost forever, good friend of mine -- full of her legendary chocolate chip cookies. aw man. it's a good day today, a very good day.

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