Monday, June 27, 2005

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

go, take the survey! it's fun, it's for a good cause. all in the name of science, don't ya know!

got this here link from adam

..and we're off!

So as we've said before, the casting couch will be hitting the road with fluffers union on a tour of the southeast starting with a kick-off show at the triple crown in san marcos on wednesday, june 29th. If you know anyone in any of the areas we'll be playing, you should tell them come see us and cheer us on... Here are the dates and places:

Wed. June 29 - Triple Crown, San Marcos, TX
Thur - June 30 - The Vortex, Beaumont, TX
Fri - July 1 - The Thirsty Hippo, Hattiesburg, MS
Sat. - July 2 - 40 Watt, Athens, GA
Tue - July 5 - Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta, GA
Wed - July 6 - The Nick, Birmingham, AL
Thur - July 7 - Red Star Bar, Baton Rouge, LA

thank you!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

question of the week:

whence melpster?

she's gone, and i'm sad. holler if you're out there!

okay, i'm not sure who this is, but he kicks ass on the ukulele. (requires sound) (you MUST see this performance!)

on edit: OH it's jake shimabukuro! i think i blogged about him before, although not by linking the above amazing video. sweet. total uke inspiration. i need to practice more. a lot more.

silly quiz, i'm TOTALLY normal! it's everyone else that's weird. duh.

You Are 45% Normal

(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...

Other things you do are downright strange

You've got a little of your freak going on

But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

How Normal Are You?

been too busy to blog as of late! the casting couch is gettin' ready for some touring starting later this week! updates will be posted. call all your friends in the southeast, tell 'em to get out and hear us!

in the meanwhile, i'd like to direct you to Plastic Prefab Christian, a blog from a fellow ACU grad that explores moderate christianity in an asinine world...and some most excellent ranting. aw yeah.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

here we go. the casting couch, last night, at emo's:

was a very good show, yes.

got their new album last night, and i'm diggin' on their music, and was excited that we made the poster! even if it's in teeny tiny font! we're evidently a teeny tiny font band at this point in time. see?

aw yeah. one more thing crossed off the "to do in life" checklist...

(that would be "play on the big stage at emo's")

one last thing:

the glory that is my bass guitar, exhibited in its natural element:

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Buried Treasure: the exciting new science of paleontology! fascinating article about where the science has been and where it is going. plus, really cool stuff on dinosaur discoveries!

Grant Delin for Newsweek
'Chinese bird lizard': When the fossil on which this model of a Sinornithosaurus is based was discovered, it joined a growing list of dinosaur specimens showing evidence of modern, birdlike feathers.

link from weird is relative. thanks!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

so i noticed that the casting couch got mentioned, by name only, since we're opening for Architecture in Helsinki, in the "recommended" section of the chronicle's music listings for wednesday...

BUT we also ranked the drop down on the search "by band" on the music listings page! as far as i know, that hasn't happened before! we're so cool. we'll see if we stay in the drop-down once this week is up. still, i feel accomplished.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Neal Stephenson on Star Wars:

Turn On, Tune In, Veg Out

Shakespeare's Sister liveblogged the basement congressional Downing Street Memo hearings. yes, the "I"* word was raised as a possibility, or at least a call to investigate whether or not the whole charade is a constitutional crisis warranting further action. to quote her paraphrase, "The irony and great sadness here is that after we threw off the oppression of a British King George, now some British person is helping us throw off the tyranny of another George."

fascinating stuff, and, i hope, the beginning of something big. very big.


ps. it's my birthday! whoo-hoo!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

dutcher blogs The Casting Couch playing Karma in San Antonio, June 13, 2005 at buttercup's gracklemundy. sweet.

yes, a wee, wee tour.

casting couch tour 2005!!! (so far)

june 29: triple crown, san marcos, TX

june 30: the vortex, beaumont, TX

july 1: the thirsty hippo, hattiesburg, MS

july 2: 40-watt, athens, GA

july 5: smith's olde bar, atlanta, GA

july 6: the nick, birmingham, AL

we still haven't yet booked gigs for the 7-8 of july, but we're hoping for little rock. or fayetteville. or, if worse comes to worse, jackson, MS. if we get either AR gig, we're goin' to dallas or denton and then...amarillo! sweet. amarillo...

so if you've got contacts in dallas, denton, little rock, fayetteville, hook us up!!

check out the latest domestic disturbance! melissa hits the nail on the head this time.

actually, i'd like to read it again, but i'm too busy.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

it's gettin' hot out there...

check out shade's ice and glaciers slideshow...some amazing photos that are guaranteed to cool you down. or at least make you think of being really, really cold.

Friday, June 10, 2005

a dutch review of the casting couch's 5 songs ep...

(translated using babelfish, as my dutch is a little rusty, er, um, nonexistent)

I have still experienced the sticker era. This was the period that stickers were still considered as particular clay needs. They were saved and were sometimes fought. Still to see I as something particular and I will not obtain stickers in my head a sticker to throw away. Why do I tell that all? Recently I received pakketje with in this the e.p. van The Casting Couch and a battery stickers of the link and their label, I Eat record. That therefore a beautiful day was and the stickers I have been possible use well. Thus works that therefore if you have experienced the sticker era. And nou I would forget almost that there at the stickers also still e.p. zat.

The members of the link end up ow tin, Texas and Athens, Georgia. And this way the link sounds also. Them a beautiful mix of the alt.country determine Texas and the indie and lofi of typical Athens-bands can as The lovers and The Good Ship. Wendy Mitchell and Lynn Boland, which already of itself let hear in the fantastic Summer Hymns and in several Elephant 6-bandjes, forms the pin of The Casting Couch. Mitchell take all vocalen at its expense. Its voice is of the reasons why the songs a heavy environment on clamours. The numbers vary to Fall ' to the nicely balanced ` by of the rattling meezinger ` Whiskey Skiffle ', the pianoballad ` Easy Girl, strongest of the five songs.

This five songs sound promising. I am curious or the link at a complete album this quality hold weet.

but...but...did the reviewer *like* the stickers? even if they had clay needs?

yes, so if you speak dutch, and need some practice, a much better translation would be highly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

darling new neighbors announces official final info for **HotWetDeep South 2005**

HotWetDeep South 2005 -- the SHOWDATES. . .
--June 11-26--

Saturday 6/11-- Jackson, MS -- W. C. Don’s-- 216 S.
State St.-- with Noise Revival & maybe Atomic Brains--

Tuesday 6/14-- Chapel Hill, NC-- Nightlight (aka
Skylight Exchange)-- 405 1/2 W. Rosemary St.--

Thursday 6/16-- Wilmington, NC— Ibiza-- 118 Market
St.-- www.ibizawilmington.com/launch.html

Saturday 6/18-- Winston-Salem, NC-- the Werehouse--
211 E. 3rd St.-- with Ponies of Darkness, the
Corndawg, and Merrylands-- www.thewerehouse.com

Sunday 6/19-- Greensboro, NC-- College Hill Sundries--
900 Spring Garden Street-- with Thrift Store Cowboys
(Lubbock, TX) and the Sleepy Horses (Athens, GA)

Wednesday 6/22-- Asheville, NC-- Geoff’s BACKyard
(welcome friends, not random weirdos-- email for
details)-- with ManBand

Sunday 6/26-- New Orleans, LA-- Circle Bar--1032 St.
Charles (on Lee Circle)--

here we COME!! get ready & hide your chillun!
press release & photo & HWDS official 2005 logo

your neighbors— Elizabeth, Amy & Reid

p.s. our next show when we return is July 6 at the
Chaindrive w/ the Sapphires. see you then!! hotter
wetter & deeper!


You could call us accordion disco, you could call us lo-fi samplers.

go see 'em, if you live nearby, and i know some of you do. they're truly amazing. listen at their website, or listen to lalalala or ass (just won't quit) right here!!! and THEN go see 'em!

Anything But Prettier calls it a day

Hey you all, we are sad to say that the time has come to say goodbye. ABP is going to ride off into the sunset, and we'd like to have you there to say adios. No, we will not be providing any fodder for the new Fox reality series, "When Good Bands Go Bad" - no rehab, prima donna solo projects or incarcerations to report - we just figure we've taken this about as far as it needs to go.


Friday, June 10 @ The Dirty Dog (505 E 6th St), 9:00pm
(with our friends Bag100 @10:30)

We'll play one one more show with the lads in Nooner on July 15, then that'll do it!

So come down if you can, we'd love to see you. And buy our shit so we don't have to throw away all our nice merch!


Sunday, June 05, 2005

holy cow. i somehow managed to miss the publication of melissa's latest domestic disturbance, which is all about road-trippin', a subject near and dear to my heart.

when i was a kid, my parents took us all over the country by motorized vehicle, first in our trusty old' 1980 pontiac catalina, then in Mack, the ford F250 with truck camper on the back, onto the hood of which someone had bolted a brass mack truck bulldog. aw yeah. from san francisco to niagara falls, from disneyland to disneyworld, we travelled in style, always with the yellow samsonite luggage separating my brother and i in the back seat (to keep us from killing each other), and the cooler of tepid canned orange juice and warm apples redolent of car trunk ready for snackage. that was the way to have a childhood spring break!

as a young child, the parents decided we needed to know All There Is To Know About Texas (even though we lived in northern NM), so we travelled, gradually, over many spring breaks and thanksgivings, to every part of this ginormous state, tasting oranges in the valley, admiring the rose gardens in tyler, camping in the Chisos Basin out at Big Bend. there were the two or three two-week long trips to various parts of california, where we spent valuable time at magic mountain, disneyland, knotts berry farm, and of course, watching the whales off the coast in San Diego, among other things. the year (9th grade) we lived in MD, my parents went overboard with the whole car trip concept and determined that us kids WOULD visit every historical marker within a 500-mile radius of bel air, MD, so every weekend we were off to visit the smithsonian, mount vernon, historic sturbridge village, or gettysburg.

'course, i'm not sure how well all that historical learnin' stuck, as the only thing i remember about gettysburg is that my brother paul threw up in the parking lot and it was REALLY gross. still, i'm sure i was at least somewhat edified by the experiences i had as a child. for one thing, i've learned that i must never read comic books or magazines in the car, as i will become violently carsick (which, luckily, is not true for regular print books without pictures). i know how to gage the fuel indicator so as to keep unnecessary stops to a minimum. i am the master of cross-country car trips without cruise control (never had it). i will not hesitate to jump in the car at a moment's notice to drive to lawrence, KS, for no especially good reason. yes, this i inherited from my parents, my love of the great, epic car trip.

y'know, greg t.'s also got some great car trip thoughts and memories, if you're in the mood for more...

a look back at what the reviewers had to say about each of the previous 5 star wars movies at the time...

snagged from one of my daily blog reads, but alas now i forget which it was (damn you, "open in new tab," damn you!). if you want credit, feel free to take it!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

frackin' frick, starbuck!

Battlestar Galactica Season Two premiers on July 15!!!

The anticipated second season of Battlestar Galactica will premiere on Friday, July 15, The SCI FI Channel has announced. Twenty all-new episodes will kick off with "Scattered."

Galactica will stay in its 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific time slot, following all-new seasons of Stargate SG-1 at 8 p.m. and Stargate Atlantis at 9 p.m.

Expect 10 all-new episodes to air during the summer season, from July 15 to September. The second half of the season should begin in January.

got the link from weird is relative, along with some spoilers!

i loves me some molly...

molly ivins sums up the noncomplishments of the 2005 legislative session.

what a great state we live in. i wonder if our newly-pristine cheerleaders will cheer when the schools have to close in october due to lack of funding...

Friday, June 03, 2005

some wedding pics...

at the rehearsal dinner the night before...

the wedding was simply gorgeous, IMHO...and i expressed my happiness at this... :)

and then there was dancin'...

to one of my fave local bands (the bright lights society)...

(everyone seemed to enjoy the band!)

oh yeah, and cake cutting was fun...if a bit dangerous...

then, we left, in the car that was well-decorated, thanks a LOT, guys...

all in all, was a very good day.

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