Friday, June 10, 2005

a dutch review of the casting couch's 5 songs ep...

(translated using babelfish, as my dutch is a little rusty, er, um, nonexistent)

I have still experienced the sticker era. This was the period that stickers were still considered as particular clay needs. They were saved and were sometimes fought. Still to see I as something particular and I will not obtain stickers in my head a sticker to throw away. Why do I tell that all? Recently I received pakketje with in this the e.p. van The Casting Couch and a battery stickers of the link and their label, I Eat record. That therefore a beautiful day was and the stickers I have been possible use well. Thus works that therefore if you have experienced the sticker era. And nou I would forget almost that there at the stickers also still e.p. zat.

The members of the link end up ow tin, Texas and Athens, Georgia. And this way the link sounds also. Them a beautiful mix of the alt.country determine Texas and the indie and lofi of typical Athens-bands can as The lovers and The Good Ship. Wendy Mitchell and Lynn Boland, which already of itself let hear in the fantastic Summer Hymns and in several Elephant 6-bandjes, forms the pin of The Casting Couch. Mitchell take all vocalen at its expense. Its voice is of the reasons why the songs a heavy environment on clamours. The numbers vary to Fall ' to the nicely balanced ` by of the rattling meezinger ` Whiskey Skiffle ', the pianoballad ` Easy Girl, strongest of the five songs.

This five songs sound promising. I am curious or the link at a complete album this quality hold weet.

but...but...did the reviewer *like* the stickers? even if they had clay needs?

yes, so if you speak dutch, and need some practice, a much better translation would be highly appreciated.

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