Thursday, June 16, 2005

yes, a wee, wee tour.

casting couch tour 2005!!! (so far)

june 29: triple crown, san marcos, TX

june 30: the vortex, beaumont, TX

july 1: the thirsty hippo, hattiesburg, MS

july 2: 40-watt, athens, GA

july 5: smith's olde bar, atlanta, GA

july 6: the nick, birmingham, AL

we still haven't yet booked gigs for the 7-8 of july, but we're hoping for little rock. or fayetteville. or, if worse comes to worse, jackson, MS. if we get either AR gig, we're goin' to dallas or denton and then...amarillo! sweet. amarillo...

so if you've got contacts in dallas, denton, little rock, fayetteville, hook us up!!

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