Monday, July 18, 2005

another casting couch 5 songs ep review! this one likes us, for the most part.

from beat the indie drum:

The Casting Couch
5 Songs EP (2005, I Eat)

If Athens, Georgia and Austin, Texas had a drunken love affair it
might sound something like The Casting Couch. The band's self-
described indie rock meets alt-country sound is reminiscent of bands
like Wilco and The Jayhawks, and The Sixth Great Lake, an Elephant 6
band who also married the indie pop sound with country and folk. 'The
Roof' starts the record and reminds me a bit of the Gram Parsons
classic 'Sin City'. There's the similar slow tempo and drawn-sounding
vocals as well as an accordion and sweet-sounding bells that sound
like hints of some of the band members' E6 connections. The similarly
styled 'Flying Machine' also blends the group's country and pop
influences and matches them with honest and inviting female
vocals. 'Copper Girl' is more upbeat and seems more suitable for
college radio, while 'Easy to Fall' is a lazy piano-driven piece
that's not as interesting and runs a little too long. My favorite
tracks is the closing 'Whiskey Skiffle', a honky tonk lament about a
broken relationship, that manages to be simultaneously funny and
depressing. Complete with a group sing-a-long chorus, it would serve
as a nice soundtrack to taking shots to drown your sorrow or for
nursing a hangover the following morning. There are a few dull
moments on this EP that might not make it perfect, but overall The
Casting Couch would fit nicely in your alt-country collection.

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