Monday, July 11, 2005

Richardson could take prominent position in Wen Ho Lee lawsuit:

" Associated Press
July 11, 2005

SANTA FE - Gov. Bill Richardson could play a prominent role in the lawsuit filed by former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee against the federal government.

Lee claims government officials leaked classified and personal information about him to the media. Richardson was secretary of the Department of Energy at the time.

After The Santa Fe New Mexican covered the story on Thursday, The Albuquerque Journal reported in Sunday editions that Richardson and several others were again identified in a recent federal court ruling as likely sources for the leaks in 1999 that identified Lee as a suspect in an FBI investigation into the loss of nuclear secrets to China.

The governor has denied in sworn testimony that he was the source."

should be an interesting court battle in light of the whole Rove/Plame/Wilson affair. and an intriguing prologue to Richardson's run for either NM governor or possible VP/Presidential run in 2008...

"[Dr. Lee]'s lawsuit against the DOE, Department of Justice and FBI alleges they violated privacy laws.

After questioning more than 20 government officials, Lee's attorneys were unable to find the source of the leak and began pressing for the media to identify the source or sources."

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