Saturday, August 06, 2005

it's a-gettin' hot in texas...

ah yes, the 2006 elections are looming just around the corner, and here i am, looking to see what kind of potential leadership texas has cookin'.

on the democratic homefront (democrats? in texas? you gotta be kidding me!), chris bell has just announced his campaign, but his website seems to be (thus far) a little light on substance. he talks good about education and health care reform, but offers little in the way of HOW this would come about. still, noble values. he's got a blog, however, and doesn't seem to be afraid to use it. i'm getting it into the sidebar, for further perusal and research. also, next sunday the 14th, he's holding a rally down on the UT campus. i'm thinkin' i may go, just to hear what he's got to say.

and then there's kinky. oh yes, kinky friedman, bastion of texan iconoclasm (iconoclasticness? hmmm. need more coffee), saviour of our four-legged friends, musician, author, all-round nice-guy crazy-man. he's running for governor! for real this time, i hear, and i'm interested in what he has to say, as well, coz, well, yeah. texas needs help. lots of it. and not from anyone at all interested in maintaining the status quo. so i'm linkin' his blog, too.

check 'em out.

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