Thursday, August 25, 2005

let the games begin!

so bethany and i have joined the austin 42 club, a local league where we compete as a team in tournament for the next few months...man, after having played the occasional social 42 game with these types, i hope we can hold our own! i was raised to play 42 by my mother and HER mother, Grandmother, a 42 stalwart who played in her weekly club for 60 years or so. may she look down from her eternal resting place with kindness and strategic thoughts as we play.

we haven't thought of a name yet, but we've narrowed it down to four:

rockin' 42, the logo being a "42" with a sideways parenthesis underneath, y'know, all texas-ranch-style and all.

the malcontents, with the lettering in chinese calligraphy-style font. if you have to ask what the significance is, well, then, you just haven't watched enough "firefly."

the flying deuces, the logo being a double-deuce domino with wings.

girlcrush. logo...?

of course, whichever we go with, it'll have to be printed on pink t-shirts.

tonight being the first official match, wish me luck. we're playin' a team called "ginny's boys," which makes me worry, a bit. so long as they're not a couple of those 90-year-old crack 42 players that frequent that place on weekend days...

ah, whatever. we shall triumph o'er the forces of evil, trump their trumps, win all hands, yes we shall*!

even if we don't have a team name yet.

* y'know, the power of positive thinking. and all that bit.

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