Tuesday, August 09, 2005

whoo-hoo! the casting couch is on a real album! and we've been reviewed by the austinist! okay, so it's i eat records' just-released compilation CD, "appetizers & leftovers", but our track got an entire sentence! :)

...the musical equivalent of a triple-shot espresso - The Casting Couch’s 'Row Your Boat' is unabashed sunshine twee pop rife with lush harmonies and a gorgeously ethereal bridge.

ethereal! lush! sunshine twee!

it was a lovely CD release party downtown at Emo's last night, the casting couch had a good performance (i'm told. i couldn't hear much FROM stage!), there was a big ol' turnout, it was quite the place to be and be seen, not to mention, play your songs on stage.


the austinist's favorite track on the album was the track by the fluffers union, them bein' the band we toured with earlier this summer, and also the band whose lead singer we're borrowing to play keys, horns, and sing with us! nice.

(our actual album is coming out any minute! well, soon. within the next few months. as soon as possible.)

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