Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello all,

The Casting Couch will be playing a hurricane relief benefit show at

Beerland this Sunday. We go on at 10 p.m. You all should come listen

to some good music and support the cause... See you there.

The Casting Couch

what the chronicle has to say...

BEERLAND HURRICANE RELIEF BENEFIT SHOW II Hosting the second fundraiser in a week, many thanks to Donya and Randall Stockton not only for their general activism, but for opening their doors to help hurricane survivors. The line-up includes the Troublemen, Casting Couch, the Bloody Tears and an appearance by the Texas Rollergirls. Sun., Sept. 18, 10pm. Beerland, 711 1/2 Red River, 479-ROCK.

and finally, the tenative lineup:

7:15 The Troublemen

8:00 Mandible

9:00 TBA (burlesque?)

10:00 The Casting Couch

11:00 Nic Armstrong & The Thieves

12:00 The Bloody Tears

1:00 Special Guests

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