Monday, October 31, 2005

poop. no scootering tonight. too cold and wet out there. plus: trick-or-treaters! don't wanna be indavertently creating any brightly costumed roadkill, nope.

also: country heading to hell in a handbasket, as we speak.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

spent the morning riding, then washing and waxing! good things: i got it up to 30 today. if not a little over. and it wasn't scary! i was good at it. perfected, mostly, those pesky turns. had a blast!

other good thing: casting couch playing tonight at spiderhouse! everyone should go! i'll be on the upright bass for at least part of the evening...my first time in public with the beast! too bad there's no way to carry it on my scoot, or i'd be scootin' to the gig!

casting couch
7-9 PM

oh yeah, and the gorgeous result of all my diligent scrubbing and rubbing? beautiful and sparkly:

Friday, October 28, 2005

okay, i have a *really* dumb question...

with the stella (or any "shifty" scooter), do you hold the clutch in or while kick-starting? i've tried with the clutch in (which it appears the manual tells you to do. i think.) and absolutely nothing happens. but if the clutch is NOT in, it kinda leaps, and makes not-nice sounds. so i only tried that once. but if that's the way to go, then so be it...

**on edit: okay *sheepishly* just went out to the carport and figured it out. clutch OUT. but, then, why does the manual imply that it's to be IN? dutcher thinks they mean kick it a couple of times beforehand with the clutch in so as to get the gears aligned or something. i guess. anyhow, i know the answer now.**

in other news, just back in from my evening ride around the neighborhood, and i got it up to (*gasp*) 25mph! man, i live in the perfect neighborhood for scooter practice. nice, broad, well-maintained (well, mostly) streets, plenty of foot traffic to wave at (and practice avoiding), not too much vehicular traffic, but if there is any, they're driving pretty slow. i'm getting more and more courageous. by monday, heck, i might even venture out onto a major street and drive at 40mph or something! crazy!!!

i forgot again to get adorable photos of myself on/actually riding the scoot. dangit.

tomorrow, i'm taking the stella over to a local parking lot, and really practicing on those turns.

you know what's really hard? and they didn't teach in my MSF course? turning from a dead stop. like you might have to do when turning onto a street just after stopping for a stop sign. and i'm really bad at it. tomorrow, i'm going to conquer that. ayup.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

to get y'all into the spirit of scootering, i present...

the lambretta twist!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

so, see, i think the scoot's name might be valentino.

after valentino rossi!!

and i might get me some GO!!!!!!! graphics for the cowls. or the front. whaddya think?

just got off the scooter, after taking a perilous trip around the neighborhood...

and, once the helmet was off, i just basked in the scooterlove!

sha-WEET! i putted around at a zippy 15mph at LEAST! man, the flames were just shootin' off the back. heh.

i can't wait until tomorrow! more ridin'! more! more!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


My blog is worth $11,290.80.
How much is your blog worth?

whatever that means...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

so it looks like i might probably be getting the metallic-flake blue stella:

as soon as this week! we'll see what they've got in stock at the dealer. actually, this guy in ABQ has just about all the accooterments i wanna get, minus the chrome cowl protectors (with footpegs!):

plus, the folks at genuine scooters guarantee me that the metalflake sparkles lovelily in the sunlight. i love it!

man, i'm getting all kinds of google hits on "bike," "motorcycle," and the like. none yet on "scooter," even though now i've got images of all possible colors sitting here on my pages.

well, i'll post my own actual photos as soon as i can. aw yeah!

do read melissa's october Use Your Words. it's a gooder. and i'm happy she's happier and healthier now. go melissa!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Casualties of the Bush Administration

Sunday, October 16, 2005

okay, this is the bike i learned on (minus mirrors and backrest...i woulda knocked those bits off so quickly in my training class, it's not even funny!). it's so cool-looking! until you realize it's TEENSY...

so here's a question: i'm fairly sure they're outta the pink stella. do you think the orange or the green is the next best color? i'm trying to get things in line before i go for the big purchase...

i passed the MSF test! i can go get a motorcycle license! it was rough goin' there a little bit, this morning, as i totally SUCK at really tight slow turns, a practical skill such as one might need to turn the tightest figure-8 possible in a parking lot... but i passed! whoo-hoo!

now i'm off to play dominoes...in a non-league, non-stressful, in fact relaxing and stress-relieving, way, with dale watson playing live in the background and free chili dogs and LOTS of cold Lone Star. don't worry, i'm not driving. my left hand and arm, which i used all morning to work the clutch, is about to fall off. i ain't drivin'. but i'm happy. :)

and i agree with adam on what color scooter i oughta get...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

sweet. just made it through day 2 of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course (the first day with riding!), and i survived! they've got us on teensy-weensy little (ie.: MY size) little 125 cc motorcycles, and i'm not doin' so bad! i'm very excited about tomorrow, when there's going to be more riding, less technical stuff, so they say.

anyhow, my plan is to go get my M on my drivers license sometime this week, and then go get a bank loan for the scoot next weekend! i'll be be-stella'd any second.

i still don't know what color i wanna get. that's half the fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

last friday at beerland...

wendy and hilary lookin' cool

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