Sunday, October 16, 2005

i passed the MSF test! i can go get a motorcycle license! it was rough goin' there a little bit, this morning, as i totally SUCK at really tight slow turns, a practical skill such as one might need to turn the tightest figure-8 possible in a parking lot... but i passed! whoo-hoo!

now i'm off to play dominoes...in a non-league, non-stressful, in fact relaxing and stress-relieving, way, with dale watson playing live in the background and free chili dogs and LOTS of cold Lone Star. don't worry, i'm not driving. my left hand and arm, which i used all morning to work the clutch, is about to fall off. i ain't drivin'. but i'm happy. :)

and i agree with adam on what color scooter i oughta get...

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