Friday, October 28, 2005

okay, i have a *really* dumb question...

with the stella (or any "shifty" scooter), do you hold the clutch in or while kick-starting? i've tried with the clutch in (which it appears the manual tells you to do. i think.) and absolutely nothing happens. but if the clutch is NOT in, it kinda leaps, and makes not-nice sounds. so i only tried that once. but if that's the way to go, then so be it...

**on edit: okay *sheepishly* just went out to the carport and figured it out. clutch OUT. but, then, why does the manual imply that it's to be IN? dutcher thinks they mean kick it a couple of times beforehand with the clutch in so as to get the gears aligned or something. i guess. anyhow, i know the answer now.**

in other news, just back in from my evening ride around the neighborhood, and i got it up to (*gasp*) 25mph! man, i live in the perfect neighborhood for scooter practice. nice, broad, well-maintained (well, mostly) streets, plenty of foot traffic to wave at (and practice avoiding), not too much vehicular traffic, but if there is any, they're driving pretty slow. i'm getting more and more courageous. by monday, heck, i might even venture out onto a major street and drive at 40mph or something! crazy!!!

i forgot again to get adorable photos of myself on/actually riding the scoot. dangit.

tomorrow, i'm taking the stella over to a local parking lot, and really practicing on those turns.

you know what's really hard? and they didn't teach in my MSF course? turning from a dead stop. like you might have to do when turning onto a street just after stopping for a stop sign. and i'm really bad at it. tomorrow, i'm going to conquer that. ayup.

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