Friday, November 11, 2005

hey, sorry about the lack of blogging; this week was insane, and then yesterday i flew to chicago to join dutcher, who had been here since last tuesday at some conference or another. today mostly i walked. i walked down the magnificent mile this morning, did some shopping, and then we walked to the lincoln park zoo to check out the animules. hopefully, i'll be more acclimated to walking tomorrow...what a wimp!

anyhow, some images from our trip to the zoo:

dutcher and his giraffobia:

my helping dutcher to get over the giraffobia:

fritz' cousin, the black panther:

okay, i'll try to take better pictures to show y'all tomorrow.

tonight, we're headed out with leonard piercefor a night of debauchery and carousal! should be most excellent.

i miss my scooter.

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