Wednesday, December 21, 2005

there's a women's scooter club in austin! holy cow! i'm so joining. once i cross that 50mph hurdle. i'm so there.

smart-ass scooter sisters! sweet. i even adore the name!

(i see they have a new year's day ride...hmmm...should i just go for it? probably. hmmm...i'll have my new scooterjacket by then...i'll be all protected and ready to go! hmmm...)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

you must go peruse the life and death of america's plastic princess. truly a statement on our time(s).

Julie's First Mod

okay, so it was a tiny mod, but still!

i have, over the last two months, developed an intense hatred for the butt-ugly rear reflectors that looked like they were bought for a big wheel and stuck on with someone's ABC gum...so i went to a bicycle shop last night and picked up a couple of used "cat-eye" reflectors for a buck each. a little surgical move with some two-sided tape, and voila! oh so pretty...

(discarded unwanted reflectors shown on ground, about to be driven over by vengeful scoot)

and here you can see my very first cowl scrape:

any minute now, my new windshield will arrive in the mail, and i'll get that puppy on...after that, it's the chrome, baby, i'm all about the chrome.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

casting couch CD release party 12.10.05!

yes, it was SUCH a good show.

we played good and we got to see many of our good friends.

we had LOTS of fun!

we also got to meet lots of new folks, many of whom really liked us! they really like us! nice. we like them, too.

the orange mothers played after us, and absolutely kicked ass! here's ethan and jeff, rockin' out:

and ethan, under the bright lights of the carousel lounge:

yes. it was a good show.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

okay, i just gotta say that the casting couch' in-store at the hippest little record store in austin (owned by a previous owner of 33 degrees, even!) went REALLY well. there were quite a few people in attendance, and the whole place was groovin' to our music...we sold some discs, even!

and damn, do our new CDs look good! they've even got the sticker on the spine that's all annoying when you're unwrapping them...but for some reason it makes me really happy that we have one. we're real! we could be in cut-out bins someday!

anyhow, we'll be playing again saturday at 10 at the carousel. we're recommended in both the chronicle and XLent. i guess i'd recommend being there, as well, if you can. :)

okay, i'll quit tootin' the ol' horn now. i'm just very excited that it all went so well! especially considering our radio spot last night was kindof a bust.

casting couch 4evah!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

the casting couch makes the "ist list" this week. sweet!

also, don't forget we'll be on the radio tonight at 8PM texas time, on kvrx' "say something new", followed by an in-store performance tomorrow night at end of an ear on s. first (6PM). all in preparation for the blowout CD release party on saturday at the carousel lounge!

and i gotta say, i'm pretty darned proud of this album. "row your boat"'s pretty darned good.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

by the way, be sure and check out my new scooter links section over there in the sidebar (scroll down)...most are blogs, a couple are scooter fora where you can chat about scooters to your heart's content, all of 'em are interesting! go check it out!

Friday, December 02, 2005

damn. i just went for a scooter ride, then really getting into the spirit of the >200cc displacement vehicle, spent about an hour perusing the microcar museum. since i know y'all are, if anything, much nerdier than i about such things, i highly recommend this...especially the "tour" of the museum! it's so fascinating! everything from the messerschmidt, to the 1982 Cub Commuter, to the 1990 honda Caren, to the 2003 MCC Smart-Brabus, to the 1957 Velam Isetta!

you MUST go look. now.

on edit: okay, they woudln't let me link to their photos much. but still! go look! definitely worth a bit of time...click on "virtual tour" and enjoy!

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