Thursday, December 08, 2005

okay, i just gotta say that the casting couch' in-store at the hippest little record store in austin (owned by a previous owner of 33 degrees, even!) went REALLY well. there were quite a few people in attendance, and the whole place was groovin' to our music...we sold some discs, even!

and damn, do our new CDs look good! they've even got the sticker on the spine that's all annoying when you're unwrapping them...but for some reason it makes me really happy that we have one. we're real! we could be in cut-out bins someday!

anyhow, we'll be playing again saturday at 10 at the carousel. we're recommended in both the chronicle and XLent. i guess i'd recommend being there, as well, if you can. :)

okay, i'll quit tootin' the ol' horn now. i'm just very excited that it all went so well! especially considering our radio spot last night was kindof a bust.

casting couch 4evah!!

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