Tuesday, January 31, 2006

molly ivins speaks wise, as per usual.

also for your entertainment: State of the Union Address drinking game!

unfortunately, i won't be able to play along, as i'll be down at Ginny's playin' me some 42. bummer.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

a couple of new Row Your Boat reviews!


although, did we have a song called "liar?" if so, i forgot. but still, cool.

the chronicle:

"Make room at the table for the Casting Couch. Athens, GA. emigré Wendy Mitchell pits her stew of lyrical switchbacks up against a piquant blend of post-graduate pop and erudite twang to deliver a punch. The Couch's elaborate, frayed-suit arrangements incorporate horns, accordion, steel guitar, and melodica as fancy dictates, while Mitchell's vocals alternate between the breezy wit on the title track and genuine jukebox tear-jerk on "Liar.""

and from americana UK:

The first album by Texas band ‘The Casting Couch’ might seem either cutesy and winsome or grating and twee depending on your inclinations; it’s a full-on indie-pop piece with some songs that Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields might be proud of having written. Its also probably the only album reviewed on this site that either shares a lyric with a song on the Grease soundtrack (‘hopelessly devoted to you’) or finishes with a (seemingly) drunken bierkeller singalong, yet alone does both. Grounding its poptastic flights are multi-layered melodica and accordion reinforced instrumentals, sometimes to great effect, as on the darkly atmospheric ‘Pancho Villa’.

The bright and smart singer (and main songwriter) Wendy Mitchell has one of those half cracked but extremely girly voices that only Americans ever seem to have. This works well, as on St lucy pt II when the voice is wonderfully counterbalanced by the complexity of the rest of the sound; elsewhere, as on opening track row your boat, it might mean this album doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s an interesting record, and should win them some fans."

Sunday, January 15, 2006

have y'all noticed the motorcycle (and scooter) awareness signs that have been popping up around town?

the signs they've been putting up:

evidently a state-wide effort by these good folks.

time to think about the garden!

from the Master Gardener posting on my neighborhood listserv:

Here are 3 websites which should help you determine what to do each month of the year:

the Austin Organic Gardeners site has local organic information

Travis County Master Gardeners will have extensive planting timelines and culture information and a phone number you can call weekdays for just about any gardening question.

Aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu is an excellent site for cultural information, bugs, fertilization, plant problems, and other horticultural websites, etc.

so get plantin'!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


me, i just went, for the second time, on a test ride up to where i work, which is ONLY accessible from the I-35 access road. dang. i generally take I-35 all the way up, but that's not feasible on the lil' critter.

anyhow, i just put 20 miles on my scooter in one go! i'm very proud of myself...i'm pretty sure i could do this, come rush hour on tuesday. unless it's raining. ANYHOW it was a good ride, and i was even on interstate access road for a little while! AND survived! i got the speedometer up to 55+, but i'm not sure if that's a real 55...at least it was 50, since i was keepin' up with the traffic pretty well.

the only scary spot was while turning from a busy street onto a smaller street...but this car was riding RIGHT on my ass, so i was hitting the brakes a tiny bit for quite a while before i actually slowed, hoping he'd see my brake lights and back off a bit. well, he didn't, and so i took that turn too fast (although i'd already judged i could take the turn WIDE since it was a two-lane road i was turning onto, and noone else was anywhere nearby). slammed on the brakes a bit harder than i meant to, and the back end wobbled all the way through the turn! yeesh. came out of it just fine, just a little shaken. there's gotta be a better way. stupid cars on your ass. stupid tailgaters.

i don't know if i slammed on the rear brakes and locked the wheel, or if i slammed on the front brakes and the rear wheel lost traction, either way. something more to work on. brake practice.

ah well. i rock! i could commute! it's just a question of when....

(think i'll take another couple of test rides this weekend...i wanna know that route really really well. baby steps. yes.)

that windshield really makes a difference, too. i love it! next, the rack, and i'll be all set for all my commutin' needs.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

continuing my scooter obsession...

there's this group blog called austin scooterist, see, and it's fun to read! and gives me ideas for places to ride, places to go, things to see.

today, though, i'm going to ride up to work and back along the two routes i've got planned out for myself. we'll see how i do. yes, i want to get infinitely better gas mileage and have much more fun twice a day!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

i have windshield! yay! the guys at american scooter center just GAVE me the nuts i needed, and didn't even make fun of me for having driven up there in the car, rather than the scoot (it's still a bit far for me). sweet.

anyhow, he's a beaut, and my trip earlier this afternoon proved that the wind isn't any worse with the windshield than without, and he looks quite smart, i think.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Row Your Boat review from dave heaton at erasing clouds:

in summary...

...Every song on Row Your Boat, no matter how simple it seems at first, reveals layers the more you listen. Layers of meaning, layers of sound, and emotional layers, too. It's a fun album, light in tone, yet there's a hefty emotional and intellectual power to it as well. It's that rare album that's filled with so much – hooks and textures, questions and puzzles, tears and smiles – yet you always end up wanting more, ready to hear it again.


the wayback myspace machine hits again

yes, true believers, trouble down south has a myspace page. (don't miss "breath of life," TDS' paeon to julie's erasure-love! yes, i conned three punk rockers into doing an erasure cover. could it get any better? NO!)

i got my Serenity

oh yes i did! and i spent yesterday watching ALL of it. including extras. man, i love that show. anyhow, here's some good stuff to feed your obsession:

interview with cap'n mal (i mean, nathan fillion)

interview with adam baldwin

summer glau interview (and the river tam sessions, for reference - if you haven't seen these, go see them! released last summer as part of serenity pre-publicity. eerily haunting, yes.)

interview with nathan fillion and his mom

and here, i hope, are the easter egg instructions (found on the internet, not tried yet):

On the main menu of the disc, while highlighting PLAY, press LEFT on your DVD remote. It will highlight an icon on the right side of the screen (yes, it'll be on the right) that looks like a trapezoid with a circle in it. Select it, and enjoy the Easter Egg.

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