Thursday, January 26, 2006

a couple of new Row Your Boat reviews!


although, did we have a song called "liar?" if so, i forgot. but still, cool.

the chronicle:

"Make room at the table for the Casting Couch. Athens, GA. emigré Wendy Mitchell pits her stew of lyrical switchbacks up against a piquant blend of post-graduate pop and erudite twang to deliver a punch. The Couch's elaborate, frayed-suit arrangements incorporate horns, accordion, steel guitar, and melodica as fancy dictates, while Mitchell's vocals alternate between the breezy wit on the title track and genuine jukebox tear-jerk on "Liar.""

and from americana UK:

The first album by Texas band ‘The Casting Couch’ might seem either cutesy and winsome or grating and twee depending on your inclinations; it’s a full-on indie-pop piece with some songs that Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields might be proud of having written. Its also probably the only album reviewed on this site that either shares a lyric with a song on the Grease soundtrack (‘hopelessly devoted to you’) or finishes with a (seemingly) drunken bierkeller singalong, yet alone does both. Grounding its poptastic flights are multi-layered melodica and accordion reinforced instrumentals, sometimes to great effect, as on the darkly atmospheric ‘Pancho Villa’.

The bright and smart singer (and main songwriter) Wendy Mitchell has one of those half cracked but extremely girly voices that only Americans ever seem to have. This works well, as on St lucy pt II when the voice is wonderfully counterbalanced by the complexity of the rest of the sound; elsewhere, as on opening track row your boat, it might mean this album doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s an interesting record, and should win them some fans."

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